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Dear all,

We hope you are all well and finding the resources we are adding to the website useful. Please be extra vigilant in these times re online safety for your children. It may be useful to remind your children of our approach to keeping safe and happy online by following our usual safe and happy advice which is available below.

These government links might also be useful for you to browse:

Being Safe and Happy

At Wombridge we believe that we learn to our greatest potential when the environment we are in is positive, safe and supportive. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure we keep ourselves and each other safe both in our learning, online and within our local environment. This is what we call Safe and Happy. 

We believe that teaching children to grow up with the skills to keep themselves ‘safe and happy’ is as important as equipping them with literacy and numeracy skills.  At Wombridge Primary we work hard to ensure that every child takes responsibility for their own actions and develops a strong awareness of how what they do and say can affect others.

We expect the children to develop a concern and consideration for each other and we teach them how to overcome challenges.

For the sixth consecutive year (we are one of only four schools across the country to achieve this) the school has received national recognition for its work in successfully challenging bullying. The Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) has presented the school with their ‘BIG Award’ for excellence due to the work children and staff do to ensure that every child is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential without fear of being bullied.



Keeping Happy & Safe Online

Educating our pupils in the safe and responsible use of mobile technologies and the internet has always been a priority for us. Our staff and children successfully integrate IT into everything they do. The children are taught to pick and choose the best tool for the job and to also recognise when IT is not the solution.

Therefore it is essential that we equip the children with the skills to protect themselves when using technology in their everyday activities. It is important that pupils know the importance of protecting their identity and password when online. It is essential that they understand the importance of using technology respectfully and responsibly. We guide them on procedures to follow to keep safe and where to find help both online and offline.

With this in mind we place great importance on educating the children on taking their own e-safety very seriously. We expect the children to actively learn responsible use of the internet through our ongoing work on being safe and happy and ensure that the children have the opportunity to gain an age appropriate understanding of the potential risks as well as the advantages of using modern technology as they progress through the school.

In order to ensure all the children understood the importance of e-safety we gave the children in key stage 2 a challenge. They were to produce a short video that was current and relevant enough to engage a 14 year old, but accessible enough that our EYFS teachers could use it to support their work with the youngest pupils, on how we stay safe and happy online.

This is the video the children produced.

Esafety Video from Wombridge Class 9 on Vimeo.

As a result of this, we expect each child to demonstrate safe and responsible use of the internet. You can help support your child at home by being aware of potential risks, and regularly talking to your child about how they use the internet at home. If you require more information you may find these links helpful, or by all means talk to your child’s teacher.

The school works closely with Telford and Wrekin Council to continue to provide safe and secure access to the internet within school. The wireless network is filtered to prevent access to unsuitable websites, whilst enabling the children to benefit from the very best educational resources possible. We pride ourselves on our vigilance in taking every possible and practical step to minimise the risk within school of inappropriate internet use.



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