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Testing the best material for a bubble snake

In Science, we have predicted which material we think will be best for a bubble snake. We made predictions, carried out the experiment and concluded which material was the best.

We found out that fabric was the best material for a bubble snake.

Taking our learning outdoors…

Today we have taken our learning outdoors in the sunshine. We have learnt about Fibonacci numbers.

We have been looking for patterns in nature based on the Fibonacci sequence. We found a daisy and was able to closely look at the pattern.

We went onto creating spirals with inspiration from Fibonacci.

Our bubble

This week, our learning is focused on ‘bubbles’. Although school seems a little different, we have settled back into our bubble well and are looking forward to this weeks activities.

We have designed a bubble blower in Art and Design and made predictions on who is going to make the biggest bubble.

3795pts 1st position blue House
3600pts 2nd position green House
3543pts 3rd position red House
3252pts 4th position yellow House