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Coding a ride

Today we thought about the mechanics of a ride. We have considered this week the different types of jobs there are within a theme park.

We have coded a ride using Scratch. Our challenge was to code two rides to move at the same time.

Making our theme park

Today we have been busy creating our theme park.

We have had to consider all of the rides that we have planned as well as other facilities e.g. food eateries and toilets. We scaled our theme parks to a smaller scale using our maths skills.

Designing and creating a theme park

This week we are learning to design and create a theme park. We have got to think about all of the costs when building a theme park, staffing costs and promotion costs. We have also got to think about how we are going to persuade people to visit our park.

We have created persuasive leaflets and posters. We have carefully thought about the language features that will be needed, for example persuasive language, bold and catchy titles, alliteration.

3795pts 1st position blue House
3600pts 2nd position green House
3543pts 3rd position red House
3252pts 4th position yellow House