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Non-Chronological text

Today we created non-chronological texts in our literacy lesson. We linked it to herbs as we have also been planting a variety of Anglo-Saxon herbs in the classroom and outside.

How many features of a non-chronological text do you know?

Anglo-Saxon Salad

We have been harvesting and planting Anglo-Saxon vegetables. Once we had cut and washed the celery we had grown it was chopped and put into a Anglo-Saxon salad which we made as a class.

We throughly enjoyed eating the vegetables we had grown ourselves!

What your favourite vegetable?


In RE we have been discussing what forgiveness means to them. They shared stories about times when they have had to forgive someone and when they have asked for forgiveness.

We then got into small groups and acted out a scenario of when someone had to forgive someone.

What does forgiveness mean to you?


All the children at Wombridge are taking part in a sponsored skip.

Today, we have been practicing and developing our skipping skills prior to the event. We have practiced travelling whilst skipping, 2-footed skipping and cross over skipping.

How many different skipping techniques can you do?

Instructional Text and Imperative Verbs

This week class 7 have been learning all about instructional texts. We have identified the key features of what instructional texts should include.

We have talked about how important imperative verbs are in instructional texts. These are words such as: place, mix, chop and put.

Do you know any more imperative verbs?

Our week

Class 7

3795pts 1st position blue House
3600pts 2nd position green House
3543pts 3rd position red House
3252pts 4th position yellow House