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Construction and Coding Kit

Today class 7 leaders have been completing challenges using the construction and coding kit. The leaders have been lucky enough to be the first group of children to use the equipment which will help with their learning throughout the year.

Challenges were set for the leaders to complete which required different ways of thinking and working as a team.

How are you planning on using the construction and coding kit?

Anglo-Saxon Workshop

Today we were extremely privileged to have an archeologist in school talking to us about our topic- the Anglo-Saxons. We were able to share what we have learnt about the Anglo-Saxons with her and discuss in detail how some wealthy Anglo-Saxons were buried.

We discussed how we know that Anglo-Saxons were alive by observing and describing artefacts that would have been recovered from excavations on sites such as Sutton Hoo.

We were able to set up our own Anglo-Saxon burial using artefacts that had been discovered at Sutton Hoo.

What trip are you going on this term?

Maths – Ratio

Today we have been introduced to the concept of ratio.

We discussed that ratio is sharing and dividing a given amount. We used natural resources and cubes to show how we can share a given amounts of parts before moving on to simplifying and finding equivalent ratios.

What have you been learning in maths this week?

Literacy – Booklet

Today in Literacy we have been researching The Norman Invasion in 1066.

We had to research information about the invasion finding out key facts about people involved such as Harold Godwinson.

Once we were satisfied with our research we were able to create an information booklet with all our findings.

Do you know any facts about the Battle of Hastings?


Today in science we have been learning about complete and incomplete circuits. We discussed how the electricity is transported through the wires and to a component.

We designed our own circuits using symbols and made predictions as to whether we thought they would work or not.

We then physically made our circuits.

Can you name all the components to create a simple circuit?


Today in Literacy we have been debating. Throughout the week we have been learning all the features of how to write and hold a debate. We decided on a motion and have been working hard hold and participate in a debate.

Our motion for the debate was: Should children start work at a younger age?

We set our classroom out like the House of Commons and held our debate. We had a for the motion team and an against the motion team.

How would you vote?


Today in History we excavated a famous mound. It was called Sutton Hoo!

Did you know Sutton Hoo is a burial site for Anglo-Saxons?

During the excavation we had to carefully brush the soil off the artefacts to deduce what they might have been used for and who may have used them.

We found so many interesting artefacts during the excavation.

Do you know any Anglo-Saxon artefacts?

Anglo-Saxon Brooches

Today we made Anglo-Saxon brooches out of clay.

We started by moulding the clay into the desired shape of brooch we wanted before designing and creating.

We made decoration using left over clay which we intend to paint soon.

What kind of design would you put on a brooch?

3795pts 1st position blue House
3600pts 2nd position green House
3543pts 3rd position red House
3252pts 4th position yellow House