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A message for all

Dear All,
As you know we are now closed to all but a small minority of you, in support of government guidance to ‘stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives’.
All teaching staff and many support staff were in work on Monday, understandably anxious but ready to do their bit and offer what we can for prearranged places for our most critical workers and most vulnerable pupils. Please bear with us as we have needed to focus our efforts this week on setting up the school and our remaining resources to prioritise this provision.
We are thinking of you all, we were overwhelmed by your sensible, calm and supportive approach to each other, our community and the best wishes so many of you shared with our staff over the last two weeks in these unprecedented times. I’m very proud of you all.
Four days in we are settling into our new role to support the critical response, taking every possible precaution to protect the small number of remaining pupils and parents coming to school, and our staff, who are operating on a rotating shift pattern to maintain safe practices and social distancing as best we can. I’m very grateful for our cleaning staff who are working tirelessly to clean each zone we are using every day, to keep everything as clinical as possible.
We will now move on to the next phase, to offer you what we can with regards resources, supplementary to what we signposted you to last week, as best we could at such short notice.
By their nature what we can offer will be limited in its scope, and will by no means replace the face to face provision we usually deliver. However, hopefully they will give you some extra help whilst you are at home with your children as we all adapt to this new situation. Nothing we post will be compulsory, don’t worry, you won’t be tested when we get back! We will just aim to provide you with materials to help and support you as best we can. Please use them at your discretion.
Please spread the word and keep an eye on our website for these resources next week.
My very best wishes to you all. Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all and rebuilding our fantastic school community the other side of this.
(That includes our year 6 by the way, we’re not letting you go without a proper goodbye!)
Look after yourselves, look after each other.
Best wishes,
Neil Satoor

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