Wombridge Primary School we value:

  • Learning
  • Enjoyment
  • Aspiration
  • Determination

Here is a video the children have made about their school and the values.

LEAD movie from Wombridge Class 9 on Vimeo.

School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and have a real impact on their school.

The School Council have lots of ideas and spend time discussing school events and thinking about some improvements which could be made.

The School Council is chaired by Mason, with the help of Naomi as vice chair. Inder is the treasurer so he organises the money and Amelia is the secretary, taking minutes of the meetings and planning the agendas.


We expect all pupils to take responsibility for themselves and be willing to help and lead others.

Beyond this however, some of our children have made special effort and achieved a high standard in the various areas that are important to us as a school.  These children are clear role models for all of us and have earned the entitlement to wear a Wombridge ‘LEAD’ badge.

By working hard over a consistent period of time the children can firstly achieve leader status, ultimately they can achieve ambassador status.

A leader in our school must be able to demonstrate a recognised standard of personal achievement.

An ambassador in our school must be able to demonstrate that they have supported others in achieving a recognised standard of personal achievement.


The children visited parliament to find out how a democracy works. They had a tour of the parliament buildings and met with our local MP.

Esafety Video from Wombridge Class 9 on Vimeo.


In the last Ofsted report Wombridge Primary School has been declared good by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education.

Here are some of the comments that we are most proud of from the report:

  • Achievement across the school is good. It is best in mathematics and reading because of the high focus on these areas.
  • Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make good progress in phonics (matching letters to the sounds that they make) because of regular practice.
  • Pupils are polite and helpful. They behave well and feel safe and secure at school.
  • Parents are pleased with the school and would recommend it to other parents.
  • Daily practice in phonics (linking letters with sounds) ensures that younger pupils’ reading skills improve quickly. They know what is expected of them and can explain much of the technical language of phonics accurately.
  • By Years 5 and 6, pupils read for pleasure and are learning to write their own stories on Ipads.
  • Achievement in mathematics has improved rapidly recently because of the innovative use of information technology to provide challenge, promote understanding and help solve problems.
  • Those known to be eligible for the pupil premium make as good progress as others because leaders have used the extra funding to increase the number of additional staffing to support them.
  • Teaching is almost always good and some is outstanding. Teaching regularly extends pupils’ skills through high expectations of what they can achieve and challenges them to do well, building on previous learning.
  • Teaching in mathematics is strong, promoting some excellent learning and standards that are rising rapidly.
  • The teaching of phonics is good enabling younger pupils to make at least good progress in reading.
  • The management of behaviour is consistently good across the school. All pupils understand the schools’ behaviour strategies and lessons are calm and productive. Teaching assistants are used effectively to support learning, listen to reading and work with small groups.
  • Marking of pupils’ work is regular and helpful. Pupils’ enjoy school, have positive attitudes to learning and behave well.
  • Pupils work well together and benefit from high quality of support.
  • Pupils say that any bullying is quickly dealt with by staff. They say that they feel safe at school. They have contributed to safety reviews and to the schools’ behaviour policy. Parents agree that their children are safe and that behaviour at the school is good. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe and understand about cyber-bullying.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is well promoted through charity fund raising, a homeless project and their ‘Eco committee’.
1847pts 1st position red House
1832pts 2nd position blue House
1829pts 3rd position green House
1828pts 4th position yellow House