Wombridge Primary School we value:

  • Learning
  • Enjoyment
  • Aspiration
  • Determination

Here is a video the children have made about their school and the values.

LEAD movie from Wombridge Class 9 on Vimeo.

School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and have a real impact on their school.

The School Council have lots of ideas and spend time discussing school events and thinking about some improvements which could be made.

The School Council is chaired by Jess, with the help of Jess as vice chair. Olivia is the treasurer so she organises the money and Libby is the secretary, taking minutes of the meetings and planning the agendas.


We expect all pupils to take responsibility for themselves and be willing to help and lead others.

Beyond this however, some of our children have made special effort and achieved a high standard in the various areas that are important to us as a school.  These children are clear role models for all of us and have earned the entitlement to wear a Wombridge ‘LEAD’ badge.

By working hard over a consistent period of time the children can firstly achieve leader status, ultimately they can achieve ambassador status.

A leader in our school must be able to demonstrate a recognised standard of personal achievement.

An ambassador in our school must be able to demonstrate that they have supported others in achieving a recognised standard of personal achievement.


The children visited parliament to find out how a democracy works. They had a tour of the parliament buildings and met with our local MP.

Esafety Video from Wombridge Class 9 on Vimeo.


Ofsted visited Wombridge Primary School on 3rd May 2017 to carry out a short inspection. The visit confirmed that the school continues to be ‘good’, the grade achieved in previous inspections. Ofsted praised our leadership team and governing body for creating a ‘culture of high expectations’ and encouraging each pupil to ‘do their very best in order to succeed’. The visit recognised that points raised from the previous visit had been tackled. The inspector also found pupils ‘eager to learn because lessons were exciting’. Pupil’s were able to articulate our school values linked to L.E.A.D. (Learning, Enjoyment, Aspiration, and Determination) and praised pupils commitment to these values through working towards leadership badges linked to each of these areas.

Our school website and blog were praised for ‘keeping parents up to date with what is happening in school’. Pupil’s were spoken to during the visit and said ‘they loved coming to school and felt they were well looked after by all the staff’. This was backed up by records which show good attendance and the safeguarding culture which provides our pupils ‘with many opportunities to learn about keeping safe’. The inspector went on to describe our safeguarding systems as ‘robust, fit for purpose and regularly reviewed’. The inspector continued to praise our pupils saying ‘during the inspection, pupils’ behaviour was consistently good and that they were ‘safe and happy’.

The inspection also recognised that pupils make at least secure progress in reading, writing and maths linked to their starting points. Our school’s tracking system was described as ‘detailed’ which helps us to ‘systematically analyse pupils’ outcomes and enables staff to take effective action.

Governors, senior leaders and staff welcomed the findings, praising pupils for the confident manner that they had spoken to the inspector and shared their learning during the inspection.

Wombridge Aspirations and Thomas Telford Sixth Form

Our children have clear aspirations for their futures. They are developing plans for the next steps in their education, thinking about the journey they want to take with their lives.

In supporting our children further with this we have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with sixth form students from Thomas Telford, arguably the best sixth form in Telford.

The students that visited us were super role models for our children.

They very kindly gave up their free time to perform several scenes from a performance they are rehearsing and then talked to the pupils about the plans they had for their futures and how these had developed.

Our children were able to talk about what they wanted to be when they were older, as well as question the students about the choices and steps needed to get to this.

When giving feedback the students praised our children for being ‘very equipped for life, asking relevant and mature questions’ and being ‘extremely polite and gracious hosts’.

They were further described as ‘very confident and informative’. (Head of Drama)


967pts 1st position green House
853pts 2nd position blue House
719pts 3rd position red House
676pts 4th position yellow House