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During PE we have been learning how to play hockey. We started with how to ensure everybody is safe and happy using the equipment, we then learnt how to hold a hockey stick properly.

Now, we are starting to play matches!

Do you know any rules of hockey?

Sponsored skip

Today we completed out sponsored skip. It was to raise money for a much loved charity. We all had to skip individually for 10 minutes.

We discussed how it the exercise would effect our bodies such as increasing our heart rates.


What is the normal resting heart rate of humans?

Anglo-Saxon Villages

Today, we discussed similarities and differences there are between Anglo-Saxon villages and villages we have in the present day.

We  designed our own Anglo-Saxon village in the previous week and today we had the chance to make the village we designed.

Can you think of any similarities and differences between present day and the Anglo-Saxon period?


Today we having been discussing the dangers of being online unsupervised. We identified what the dangers  are online and discussed ways in which we can keep ourselves safe when we do go online.

We made posters to inform other children about how to stay safe online.

How can you stay safe online?

RE – Temptation and Consequences

Today in RE we looked at dilemma scenarios. We acted out the scenario in small groups showing what the dilemma was.

Once we had practiced our dilemma scenario we performed to the rest of the class. We discussed what the temptation in the scenario was and what the consequences of our actions may have been.

What is your biggest temptation?


Class 7  have been discussing qualities they would like their friends to have.

We discussed how these qualities can make good leaders. We made a garland of children and wrote on the qualities our friends have.

What qualities do you like your friends to have?

Non-Chronological text

Today we created non-chronological texts in our literacy lesson. We linked it to herbs as we have also been planting a variety of Anglo-Saxon herbs in the classroom and outside.

How many features of a non-chronological text do you know?

Anglo-Saxon Salad

We have been harvesting and planting Anglo-Saxon vegetables. Once we had cut and washed the celery we had grown it was chopped and put into a Anglo-Saxon salad which we made as a class.

We throughly enjoyed eating the vegetables we had grown ourselves!

What your favourite vegetable?

3097pts 1st position blue House
3095pts 2nd position green House
2903pts 3rd position red House
2766pts 4th position yellow House