Chair champs

Well done to all the children that took part in Chair champs-mental maths competition.

This time, not just accurate answers were important but the speed as well.

How fast can you perform mental calculations?

Rock Star Legend

Well done to Tom Smith for holding 1st place in Times tables Rock Star league with smashing time of 1.74 min.


Can you beat Tom’s record?

Electricity safety

Today Class 6  learnt about safety when using electricity. We reminded what materials could be conducting and insulating electrical flow. We made posters, recorded safety videos and E-bulletins about how to stay safe. We dentified the hazards and dangers around the house e.g.we should never mix electricity and water or change a bulb with a light switch on.


1847pts 1st position red House
1832pts 2nd position blue House
1829pts 3rd position green House
1828pts 4th position yellow House