Speaking and listening in French

Class 6 has been investigating ways of getting to school in French. We ask the question and collected class data. At the end we analysed them. How do you get to school or work?


Reading data

Class 6 has been looking and different types of collected data. Today we analysed hours, days of the week, months timetables. Do you know how to read train tables?

Measuring angles

Class 6 has been using right angle measure and protractors to measure and name angles. How many angles do you know and can identify?

Chair champs

Well done to all the children that took part in Chair champs-mental maths competition.

This time, not just accurate answers were important but the speed as well.

How fast can you perform mental calculations?

1847pts 1st position red House
1832pts 2nd position blue House
1829pts 3rd position green House
1828pts 4th position yellow House