Harper Adams Visit

This afternoon we had a visit from Harper Adams. We discussed everything we knew about Harper Adams and what we remembered from our visit. We found out interesting facts about the university. We then did an activity using lego , we built libraries  , sports centres, academic building. It was so much fun!!



Today in Topic , we were learning about Coding. We were on the iPads on a app called Swift playground, figuring out the directions to head for. We had a byte character who moved when we were coding. Do you know how to code?




This week we have been busy plating flowers. We are going to carry out an investigation into the growth of flowers when the seeds are planted at different depths. We will also be investigating the insects and creatures that visit our plants.

967pts 1st position green House
853pts 2nd position blue House
719pts 3rd position red House
676pts 4th position yellow House