Plant life cycles


Today we we have been learning about the life cycle of a plant. We used technical vocabulary such as pollination, shoot no photosynthesis to describe the process.

Do you know what pollination means?

Rain forest animation.

In Class 5 we have been writing play scripts and planning and creating animations about them. We based our stories on The great Kapok tree and used all of our knowledge of deforestation to write our stories.


Do you know much oxygen the rain forest produces for the world?


Mayan glyph plates

Today we made plates from clay. We researched and used Mayan glyphs to decorate our plates. These glyphs were used as part of the Mayan calendar or on bark scrolls to retell stories and record information about the stars.

Do you know how many different glyphs the Mayans used?

Scaling problems

In our Maths we have been using scaling problems linked to our Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat curriculum. We first solved problems around scaling up and scaling down different recipes, before making a fruit salad using the ingredients from our work.

What would you put in your fruit salad?


Multiplication families

We have been practising and using our times tables all year in Class 5. Today we used this knowledge to help us multiply larger numbers that were multiples of 10, 100 and 1000.

How would you solve 40 x 50?

Is Deforestation Ok?

Today in class we discussed  meaning of deforestation as well as the pros and cons for deforestation. We argued Why we thought it was a good thing, such as that we can use the trees to make furniture. But on the other hand, deforestation can damage the rainforest animal species habitation as well as kill animals.

What are your thoughts on deforestation?

Coding shapes

Today we used coding to draw shapes using the Sphero robots. We drew the shape ourselves on the iPad before watching the Sphero replicate the shape. We then identified the properties of the different 2D shapes we drew.

Do you know what a quadrilateral is?


Natural Growth in Fields

Today we used soft pastel colours to draw various field plants such as, wheat, fox tail, Yorkshire fog and fescue. We were able to touch and look at these plants to help us to draw our very own version of these plants.

Do you know what we can use wheat to make?



River data

Today we have been learning about and comparing the lengths of different rivers around the world. We entered the data into Numbers and made a graph to show how long each river is.

Do you know which is the longest river in Britain?




750pts 1st position blue House
694pts 2nd position green House
640pts 3rd position red House
625pts 4th position yellow House