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Today we planted parsley, mint and coriander in our greenhouse.

We will be using these ingredients later in the term to make Egyptian snacks when we begin cooking.

Have you planted any herbs yet?

Ancient Egypt

Today in Class 5 we welcomed everyone back from their six week holidays!


It was great to see how many projects were completed over the holidays and all looking fantastic.

We will be placing them around the classroom to help us continue our topic on Ancient Egypt.

Continue bringing your projects in until Friday.

Do you know any interesting facts about Ancient Egypt?

Mayan temples

In our topic work today we worked on creating Mayan temples. We used card, chalk pastels and sketching techniques in our artwork.


Do do you know what the temples were used for?


In PE today we took part in lots of races. We used different equipment, such as tennis balls, bean bags and relay batons to compete in teams.

What is your favourite race?


Mayan cities

Today we have been learning about the different Mayan cities that were spread across Central America over 2000 yers age. We looked at the names for different buildings within the cities as well as interesting facts about them.


Do you know what a Mayan house was called?

Plant life cycles


Today we we have been learning about the life cycle of a plant. We used technical vocabulary such as pollination, shoot no photosynthesis to describe the process.

Do you know what pollination means?

Rain forest animation.

In Class 5 we have been writing play scripts and planning and creating animations about them. We based our stories on The great Kapok tree and used all of our knowledge of deforestation to write our stories.


Do you know much oxygen the rain forest produces for the world?


Mayan glyph plates

Today we made plates from clay. We researched and used Mayan glyphs to decorate our plates. These glyphs were used as part of the Mayan calendar or on bark scrolls to retell stories and record information about the stars.

Do you know how many different glyphs the Mayans used?

Scaling problems

In our Maths we have been using scaling problems linked to our Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat curriculum. We first solved problems around scaling up and scaling down different recipes, before making a fruit salad using the ingredients from our work.

What would you put in your fruit salad?


2444pts 1st position blue House
2413pts 2nd position green House
2394pts 3rd position red House
2242pts 4th position yellow House