Garage band

Today we have been using GarageBand to create a piece of music which fits with our nature photography. We used high notes on the piano or string section to make some lively, summer music. We are going to create short videos showing our photography with music as a backing track.

What would your tune sound like?


Classification keys

In Science today we grouped animals into different classes. Once we had done this we tried to design our own classification key using questions about the features of the animals. The questions had to have yes or no answers.


Do you know the features of a reptile?


2 step word problems.

In our maths today Class 5 have been focusing on solving addition and subtraction word problems. The problems involved 2 steps and we used column method to help us solve them.

Using conjunctions

We have been focussing on using conjunctions in our literacy today. We explored coordinating (and, but, so) and subordinating conjunctions (because, after, so that) and tried to use them in our sentences as part of our adventure stories.

Can you use the conjunction although in a sentence?



In Class 5 today we went in search of invertebrates. We found lots of different creatures and took pictures. After this we identified our creatures using a key and looked at the number of body parts or legs each animal had.

Do you know what an invertebrate is?


Data collection

Today we have been using IT to collect data. We asked and answered questions based on the learning we are doing in Maths, Literacy and Topic work. Once we had answered the questions, we collected the data from the answers and compared results.

Do you know what 9 x 4 is?


Today Class 5 went swimming for the second time. We practised lots of different skills in the water including: floating, blowing into the water, swimming on our front and back, and submerging in the water.

Everybody made great progress. What is your favourite stroke?

Comparing our differences.

Today we discussed what it means to be different to somebody else. The class decided that it is good to be different and that we all like different things. We wrote down what we liked and then compared this with other people.

What are your favourite things to do?


Addition daily mile.

After completing our maths on addition using different methods, Class 5 went outside and took part in an addition mile. The pupils questioned each other adding multiples of 10 or 100 to a 3 digit number.

Can you mentally solve 692 + 700?


Today we have been busy practising our cricket skills. We used overarm and underarm techniques to throw the ball at a target. We worked in teams and played relay games.

What is your favourite sport?

967pts 1st position green House
853pts 2nd position blue House
719pts 3rd position red House
676pts 4th position yellow House