Discovery Barn

We had a really good time at the discovery barn. We learnt lots about farming.


Today in P.E we focused on our gross motor skills. After our warm up we took turns in dribbling the football. We learnt that we need to keep the football close to us when dribbling.

What other ways could we move using the football?

Discovery Barn

Today we had a visit from the Discovery Barn. They talked to us about UK farming.  We learnt the best technique to milk a cow and drove an interactive tractor.

What did you find out about farming in the UK?

Healthy Meals

Today Class 5 looked at the different food groups. They looked at the proportions of each group needed to make a healthy balanced meal.

Can you name the food groups?


Tomb Painting

Today class 5 extracted information whilst looking at Egyptian Tomb Paintings.

What information did you find out?


The Haka

Today in P.E class 5 explored the different steps of the fearsome Maori Dance.

What was your favourite step?

Healthy Eating

Today class 5 looked at healthy eating.  They each designed a balanced meal on a plate using the different food groups.

What did you include on your plate?



Shoe Boxes

Class 5 have been very busy this afternoon, they have wrapped the shoes boxes that have been brought in for operation Christmas Child.

What do you think will be put in the shoe boxes?


1847pts 1st position red House
1832pts 2nd position blue House
1829pts 3rd position green House
1828pts 4th position yellow House